Liebe & andere Grausamkeiten

We look around: For what?
I am twelve,
I listen to rock music,
and – eventually –
I'm also longing for
a better world,
where everything is going to be alright.
Like everybody does.

Friday, March 06th, 2020, 22:00
Saturday, March 07th, 2020, 18:00

I Am Mackenzie

Artemis Anastasiadou USA, 2019 19:43 min, fiction film, Colour English, Engl. SUB Skating, having a cool life, hanging around with the best pal. But when he goes for the girls, Mack's world is falling apart.

Viudas de Don Álvaro Cifuentes Fresnadillo / Widows of Sir Álvaro Cifuentes Fresnadillo

Maria Guerra Spain, 2018 12:30 min, experimental film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB Both Julia and Susana were married to Alvaro. Although dead he still provokes them.

Зірка для Антона / Star for Anton

Katerina Strelchenko Ukraine, 2018 5:31 min, documentary film, Colour Ukrainian, Engl. SUB Anton Dubishin has a lot of plans for his life. Beeing handicaped won't stop him.

Caracoles Serranos / Mountain Snails

Víctor Cerdán Spain, 2019 11:16 min, fiction film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB Rude and sometimes awkward men enjoying beer and paella in the countryside. Loren's 16 year old daughter is buggered off - a challenge for the guys.

Mother of

Gan de Lange Israel, 2018 10:05 min, fiction film, Colour Hebrew, Engl. SUB A mother's nightmare. An extreme perspective.


Jonathan Mordechay Israel, 2019 12:52 min, fiction film, Colour no dialogue Don't wake up the baby!


Kaveh Mazaheri Iran, 2017 19:33 min, fiction film, Colour Persian, Engl. SUB Cold blooded.