Trash & Sonderbares

We look around: What happens?
Trash, rubbish,
even hazardous waste.
Garbage separation included.
Do not forget
to put the yellow bag
on the street on Tuesday
and to water the organic waste.
Keep on rockin’!

Saturday, March 07th, 2020, 22:00
Sunday, March 08th, 2020, 17:00

Miss Mbulu

Ben Fernández Spain, 2019 12:56 min, animation film, Colour Fantasy, Engl. SUB Panasonic, Paranoid, Polaroid.

You Were Right and I Was Wrong

Robert M. Hennefarth Germany, 2018 0:41 min, fiction film, Colour English Admit when you've been wrong!

Il Trasloco / The Move

Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli Italy, 2019 2:51 min, fiction film, Colour Italian, Engl. SUB Ding dong. Door opens: Lady in distress. Gentleman is happy to help.

Unter sich

Tibor Pilz, Kay Fleck Germany, 2019 9:08 min, experimental film, Colour German, Engl. SUB A review of non-constructive fighting.


Matthias Herter Germany, 2019 6:36 min, fiction film, Colour no dialogue A beautiful autumn day, a trailer with a little garden. And the water barrel. Viviane awaits an important event.

La Mejor Película de la Historia / The Greatest Film of All Times

Juan Francisco Fernández Spain, 2019 11:35 min, fiction film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB The best movie about the art of apologizing.

Die Autoficker

Josia Brezing Germany, 2018 1:12 min, fiction film, Colour German, Engl. SUB Challenging times for customers of street prostitution.

Merry Xmas

Ivan Zabazhanov Russia, 2019 8:25 min, fiction film, Colour Russian, Engl. SUB Beware of men with white beard - it's not necessarily Santa Claus.

Maldita / Cursed Granny

Juanjo Moscardó Rius, Suso Imbernón Spain, 2019 19:48 min, experimental film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB Shit happens.

ПОТАСКУН / Womanizer

Evgeniy Karelinov Russia, 2019 4:18 min, fiction film, Colour Russian, Engl. SUB Think before you print!


Garry Savenkov Germany, 2019 9:55 min, fiction film, Colour German The recruitment team doesn't really have a plan. Not for the sensitive viewer.

Inside Out

Kuesti Fraun Germany, 2019 1:00 min, experimental film, Colour no dialogue Everything must go.


Lisa Pozo Nunez Germany, 2019 3:03 min, fiction film, Colour German, Engl. SUB To avoid the relegation of his football team Günther has the most genious idea.