18th International Short Film Festival Bunter Hund –  09-12 March 2017, Werkstattkino, Munich

Hund, Bunter:

German expression for someone who is
well-known, outstanding, colourful.



But also:

A jury of volunteers. Actors, sociologists, physicists, film agents, authors, statisticians, lawyers, computer scientists, journalists, athletes. Obsessed, romantics, intellectuals, comedians, dreamers.

Around 10 people. Always a few newcomers.

Commited. Interested, Open-minded.

Films from all over the world. Weird. Beautiful. Touching.

Genres: all.
Countries: all. Length: 1 second up to 20 minutes.

An audience of film freaks, enthusiasts, party people.

Many frequenters, many newbies.

Short film festival, yearly in March.

At Werkstattkino.

In Munich.