Anders & Artig

Let's turn around: How?
Who, how, what?
Why, for which reason, wherefore?
Who are we, where do we come from
and why don’t we simply go now?
Hundreds of possibilities,
your way.

Thursday, March 08th, 2018, 20:00
Friday, March 09th, 2018, 18:00

Jenny Loves Satan

Jenna Bryant USA, 2016 14 min, fiction film, colour English Jenny is a 12-year old girl. She is interested in satanism.


Rebecca Zehr Germany, 2017 9 min, documentary film, black and white German, engl. subt. The word "epithesis" derives from Greek and literally means "the attached". An epithesis serves the esthetic and sometimes the functional compensation for deformed body parts.

State of Emergency Motherfucker

Sébastien Petretti Belgium, 2017 5 min, fiction film, colour French, engl. subt. Ok, the usual police check. No need to stop talking, particularly since the issue is: "Did you bone her?"

Finnisches Lagerfeuer

Stefan Bremer Germany, 2016 14 min, documentary film, colour German Documentary about a two-week travel into the Finish Woods. Martin shares his thoughts and experiences.

A Life in 333 Seconds

Michael Oberbauer Germany, 2017 6 min, experimental film, colour no dialogue Humans are born. Humans die. What happens in between is called our life.

Mitarbeiter des Monats

Caroline Schwarz Germany, 2017 11 min, fiction film, colour German, engl. subt. To train the new team member for the chewing gum sorting department requires substantial psychological sensitivity.


Boris Seewald Germany, 2017 10 min, experimental film, colour English, germ. subt. Two voices, two attitudes. Do we exist by ourselves? Is life dangerous? What shall we do with the others?


Anne Isensee Germany, 2017 2 min, animation film, black and white German, engl. subt., A small and linear thought about life.

Aprieta Pero Raramente Ahoga

David Pérez Sañudo Spain, 2017 15 min, fiction film, colour Spanish, engl. subt. Daniel has his job interview somewhere in the countryside. He applies for a dog sitter position.