Anders & Artig

We look around: How?
Who, how, what?
Why, for which reason, wherefore?
Who are we, where do we come from
and why don’t we simply go now?
Hundreds of possibilities,
your way.

Thursday, March 14th, 2024, 18:00
Saturday, March 16th, 2024, 20:00

Feel the Heat

Pasi Autio Finland, 2022 9:15 min, Experimental Film, Colour no dialogue, Engl. SUB What is a man doing alone in a Finnish forest in the night? He's dancing - disco in a different way.


Lara Maltz Spain & Argentina, 2022 6:17 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue, without SUB Driven by curiosity, Ashkasha loses her head and becomes trapped in the depths. Let's accompany her on her journey of discovery.

Lift up your voices

Arttu Nieminen Finland, 2023 11:29 min, Experimental Film, Colour English, Engl. SUB As humanity is on its last gasps, a voice from nowhere confronts us with the deadly consequences of our human desires.


Vytautas Katkus Lithuania, 2022 15:00 min, Fiction Film, Colour Lithuanian, Engl. SUB Aging woman, smoked fish and father and son picking cherries with a surprising outcome.

Světla / Lights

Jitka Nemikinsová Czech Republic, 2023 8:25 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue, Engl. SUB In the city of light bulbs, a flame likes to play with fire and rebels against the system.


Arvin Kananian Sweden, 2023 14:52 min, Fiction Film, Colour Swedish, Engl. SUB Simon and Siván are the picture-perfect artsy couple. Everything in their lives is thoroughly curated. However, the shiny surface is now starting to crack.

Ympyrän neliöimisestä / Square the Circle

Hanna Hovitie Finland, 2023 17:26 min, Experimental Film, Colour Finnish, Engl. SUB How to be a circle in a square world? In a two-dimensional space, out of time, a person seeks their belonging to the world through a journey to infinity.


Thorsten Fleisch Germany, 2023 6:23 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue, without SUB In a surreal parallel universe between science and madness, Nikola Tesla and Alan Turing fight for the affections of Robo-Marie Curie. Or not.