Anders & Artig

We look around: How?
Who, how, what?
Why, for which reason, wherefore?
Who are we, where do we come from
and why don’t we simply go now?
Hundreds of possibilities,
your way.

Thursday, April 20th, 2023, 18:00
Saturday, April 22th, 2023, 20:00

Esfinge Urbana

María Lorenzo Hernández Spain, 2020 4:53 min, Experimental Film, Colour no dialogue An animated film based on graffiti in Valencia, shot 2018 and 2019.

Golden Minutes

Saulius Baradinskas Lithuania, 2020 10:13 min, Fiction Film, Colour Lithuanian, engl. subt. One-shot film: a failed suicide attempt, a heart attack at a bus stop, and the activities to save the collapsed man.

Corona Panic

Julian Witusch Germany, 2019 1:38 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue, engl. subt. A small clip from our past Corona life. A Lego brick film.

How My Grandmother Became a Chair

Nicolas Fattouh Germany, Lebanon, Qatar, 2019 9:55 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue Grandmother loses her five senses, one by one, until she turns completely into a chair. Only her housekeeper stands by her.

Stay Awake, Be Ready

Pham Thien An Vietnam, South Korea, United States, 2020 14:08 min, Spielfilm, Farbe Vietnamese, engl. subt. An evening street scene in a Vietnamese city.

Die Verwaltung des Internets

Simon Schares Germany, 2020 4:42 min, Fiction Film, Colour German, engl. subt. How does the Internet actually work and what happens to my search query "itchy earlobe disease"?

The Fourfold

Alisi Telengut Canada, Germany, 2020 7:15 min, Fiction Film, Colour Mongolian, engl. subt. The archaic animistic worldview of Mongolia and Siberia. Elaborate oil painting animation.

Pain.Ballet | Police Drones

Sergei Ilin, Igor Sharoyko Russia, 2019 4:51 min, Documentary Film, Colour no dialogue, engl. subt. Pain.Ballet is a documentary choreography project in which current developments in Russia are processed. This episode is a reaction to the announcement of drones for the police.

Searching for the Perfect Gentleman

Lena Windisch Netherlands, Germany, 2020 9:55 min, Documentary Film, Colour English In search of a poster for men's hairstyles: a little digital trip around the world with google-maps, ebay, whatsapp and email.

Ich sehe was, was Du nicht hörst

Nadja Ißler Germany, 2020 9:00 min, Documentary Film, Colour German, engl. subt. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which the senses are linked in an unusual way.


Thorsten Fleisch Germany, 2020 7:20 min, Experimental Film, Colour no dialogue We only see colors. But this experimental film really is extreme, the more than 7 minutes hardly bearable. No joke: people with epilepsy should avoid it.