Anders & Artig

We look around: How?
Who, how, what?
Why, for which reason, wherefore?
Who are we, where do we come from
and why don’t we simply go now?
Hundreds of possibilities,
your way.

Thursday, March 05th, 2020, 18:00
Saturday, March 07th, 2020, 20:00


Rubén Seca Spain, 2019 10:11 min, experimental film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB Believe it or not? It is pasta, it flies. it’s monstrous and a family conflict!

der und die

Peter Böving Germany, 2019 9:35 min, experimental film, Colour German, Engl. SUB A woman from Dresden and an alien feature this poem by Ernst Jandl.

Iceberg Nations

Fernando Martín Borlán Spain, 2019 4:22 min, documentary film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB Nations are liquid and ephemeral but, what is a nation?

Le Mal Bleu

Anaïs Tellenne France, 2018 15:47 min, fiction film, Colour French, Engl. SUB A strange relationship, clingfilm as sex toy and the fear of being cheated on.


Cesar Díaz Meléndez Spain, 2019 9:04 min, animation film, Colour no dialogue Life can arise anywhere, nature behaves strangely and days can last for minutes. The cycle of life seen from a different perspective.


Samuel Auer Germany, 2019 4:59 min, fiction film, Colour no dialogue In this one-shot tale a jogger runs into two pigs and a tramp in the woods.

People Doing Moves

Taet Vremya Kollektiv Germany, 2019 8:39 min, experimental film, Colour no dialogue Familiar moves in an unfamiliar setting. Who leads whom in life?


Nicholas Chin, Ernest Zacharevic Indonesia, 2019 4:03 min, documentary film, Colour no dialogue, Engl. SUB What if we could undo human destruction?


Aljoscha Ramon Böhnert, Michelle Burakowski Germany, 2018 3:27 min, animation film, Colour German, Engl. SUB Three persons dealing with breast milk. What is its actual value?

Ich Will

Anne Isensee Germany, 2019 2:00 min, animation film, Colour German, Engl. SUB I Want loud colours, colourful music and a cheeky poem. Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, but this movie is different.

Ich armer Mensch

Bastian Wilplinger Austria, 2019 17:12 min, fiction film, Colour German, Engl. SUB A man captured in a vicious circle seeks relief devoting himself to a higher power.

Like and Follow

Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest Germany, Japan, 2019 2:05 min, animation film, Colour no dialogue As soon as a child begins to get interested in his environment, its smartphone gets jealous.