Hund, Bunter:
German expression for someone who is
well-known, outstanding, colourful.

Unfortunately, the originally planned date in March 2021 cannot be held because of the pandemic and we will inform you about the alternatives as soon as possible.

to the festival program


But also:
A jury of volunteers. Actors,
sociologists, physicists, film agents, authors, statisticians,
lawyers, mathematicians, journalists, athletes. Obsessed,
romantics, intellectuals, comedians, dreamers.

Around 10 people. Always a few newcomers.
Committed. Interested, Open-minded.

Films from all over the world. Weird. Beautiful. Touching.
Genres: all. Countries: all.
Length: 1 second up to 20 minutes.

An audience of film freaks, enthusiasts, party people.
Many frequenters, many newbies.

Short film festival, yearly
in March.
At Werkstattkino.
In Munich.