Let's look around: Where?
Freighters cut the seas.
Birds plunge into the skies.
Bicycles fall in Beijing.
Is it smoke or fog on the hillside?
Barking dogs bite
never in these parts - hopefully.
But are they aware of that?

Sunday, March 11th, 2018, 15:00

Les Maisons du Nord

Guy Bordin, Renaud De Putter Belgium, 2015 20 min, documentary film, colour Inuktitut, French, engl. subt. Documentary about missionary work at the Inuit people, including material from the 50s.


Laura Engelhardt Germany, 2015 7 min, documentary film, colour German, engl. subt. An experimental documentary about cycles of construction and demolition, advertising pixels and velocity in Beijing's suburbs.

Ostatni Sezon

Slawomir Witek Poland, 2016 13 min, documentary film, colour no dialogue Gydnia is a harbour town at the Baltic coast of Poland. People there live on fishing since generations.


Lisa Heissenberg Germany, 2016 12 min, documentary film, colour German, engl. subt. Furby was an electronic toy in the 90s. Later Talking Barbie came out -always listening and permanently online. Technology in the children's room.


Natalia Preston Spain, Germany, 2017 16 min, documentary film, colour Spanish, engl. subt. Carmen followed her love from Venezuela to Madrid. Now she can't go back and works in the metro station.

El Manguito

Laurentia Genske Germany, 2017 19 min, documentary film, colour, black and white Spanish, engl. subt. El Manguito is a small Cuban mountain village in the inaccessible woods of the Sierra Maestra. It has twelve inhabitants.