Der Preis ist heiß!

Looking around: What?
Reach your goals.
The way is the goal.
After the game is before the game.
Do you want to climb the mountain,
before all others?
Is it lonely or beautiful up there?
Find it out.

Sunday, 11. March 2018, 19.00 Uhr
Wiederholung: Sunday, 11. March 2018, 21.00 Uhr

In the program "Der Preis ist heiß!" the best rated films of the festival
compete against each other in a fight for the sought-after festival prize Hasso.

La Vie Sauvage

Laure Bourdon Zarader France, 2017 14 min, fiction film, colour French, engl. subt. Arnaud and Nora had a well-ordered schedule for the weekend: a tour in a wildlife park, sex, nap and dinner.

In Ayahs Augen

David Wagner Germany, 2016 19 min, fiction film, colour German, Arabic, engl. subt. After two years in Syria Emin is back in Germany, and his wife has a hard decision to make.

A Life in 333 Seconds

Michael Oberbauer Germany, 2017 6 min, experimental film, colour no dialogue Humans are born. Humans die. What happens in between is called our life.

Xavier Corbero: Portrait of an Artist in Winter

Nathalie Biancheri United Kingdom, Spain, 2017 14 min, documentary film, colour English, engl. subt. A portrait of Spanish sculptor Xavier Corbero, made right before his death in 2017.

Mitarbeiter des Monats

Caroline Schwarz Germany, 2017 11 min, fiction film, colour German, engl. subt. To train the new team member for the chewing gum sorting department requires substantial psychological sensitivity.


Anne Isensee Germany, 2017 2 min, animation film, black and white German, engl. subt., A small and linear thought about life.


Linda Dombrovszky Hungary, 2017 18 min, fiction film, colour Hungarian, engl. subt. The old man is being retired. But his lifework is not finished yet!