Der Preis ist heiß!

Looking around: What?
Reach your goals.
The way is the goal.
After the game is before the game.
Do you want to climb the mountain,
before all others?
Is it lonely or beautiful up there?
Find it out.

Sunday, 23. April 2023, 19.00 Uhr
Wiederholung: Sunday, 23. April 2023, 21.00 Uhr

In the program "Der Preis ist heiß!" the best rated films of the festival
compete against each other in a fight for the sought-after festival prize Hasso.

Volja Bozija / God's Will

Tanja Brzakovic Germany, Serbia, 2020 19:58 min, Fiction Film, Colour Serbian, engl. subt. A small road trip and a difficult decision-making process of four shrewish convent sisters, obviously inexperienced in real life matters.

Le Temps des Cerises / The Time of Cherries

Arthur Jeanroy France, 2020 8:40 min, Fiction Film, Colour French, engl. subt. Robert wants to photograph his girlfriend Madeleine in the garden. But there are disagreements between model and photographer. And then the old neighbor comes too.


Greta Benkelmann Germany, 2019 14:24 min, Fiction Film, Colour German, engl. subt. Theo has dementia. While he is busy dying in a self-determined way, life and friends throw a wrench in his plans.

Song Sparrow

Farzaneh Omidvarnia Denmark, Iran, 2019 11:43 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue Puppet film about a group of refugees who are to be smuggled across the border in a frige truck.

Die Verwaltung des Internets

Simon Schares Germany, 2020 4:42 min, Fiction Film, Colour German, engl. subt. How does the Internet actually work and what happens to my search query "itchy earlobe disease"?

I Teach My Kids Love

Denise Riedmayr Germany, 2020 18:34 min, documentary film, Colour English, engl. subt. Louisa and Nikki live in West Virginia, USA. They have adopted eight children whose parents are unable to care for their offspring due to pill addiction.

El Tratamiento / The Treatment

Álvaro Carmona Spain, 2019 8:58 min, Fiction Film, Colour Spanish, engl. subt. In a clinic, a therapy is offered to restore the main hair: Take a tablet, done. And an insignificant, maybe puzzling, side effect.