We turn back: From where?
Waving fields, flourishing corn.
Children with moon boots riding on a cow.
Duplex houses as far as the eye can see.
Paradise must be here.
God having a BBQ in the neighbourhood.
Where do you go after church?

Thursday, March 08th, 2018, 18:00
Saturday, March 10th, 2018, 20:00

The Sad Monk

Diana Frankovic Germany, 2016 11 min, documentary film, colour English, engl. subt. mariagrazia@augohr.de A Buddhist monk describes things beyond idealisation and the traditional spiritual education in Nepal monasteries.

Der Junge im Meer

Friedrich Tiedtke Denmark, 2016 15 min, fiction film, colour German, engl. subt. friedrich.tiedtke@gmail.com www.nils-strueven.de 12-year-old Mathias is on a sailing trip with his parents. He's not the little boy anymore.

Vom Schweben

Michael Schwarz Germany, 2016 3 min, experimental film, colour German schwarz@nachtschwaermerfilm.de www.nachtschwaermerfilm.de "All being, being in general, is nothing but freedom. Floating between the extremes." -Novalis-


Jonathan Hashiloni Israel, 2016 13 min, animation film, colour Hebrew, engl. subt. costanzafilms@gmail.com www.facebook.com/מקק-RoacH-276076119406215/ A love story from Tel Aviv: for Penny and Izzy things are not that easy.


Christoph Eder, Jonas Eisenschmidt Germany, 2017 13 min, documentary film, colour Greek, Arabic, English, germ. subt. mariagrazia@augohr.de A kiosk on the island of Lesvos: refugees from the Middle East are the only clients that bring good business to the greek owners.

Getroffene Hunde

Daniel Popat Germany, 2017 5 min, fiction film, colour German mail@danielpopat.de Happy hurly-burly in a youth hostel.

Nani Kama Mama / No One Like Mother

Judith Albrecht Tansania, 2016 13 min, fiction film, colour Swahili, engl. subt. mariagrazia@augohr.de A movie about poverty, self responsibility and street justice.


Roberto Valle Spain, 2016 2 min, animation film, colour Spanish, engl. subt. administracion@movemyshort.es www.movemyshort.es 10p.m., Mum, Dad, son - it's dinner time.

Xavier Corbero: Portrait of an Artist in Winter

Nathalie Biancheri United Kingdom, Spain, 2017 14 min, documentary film, colour English, engl. subt. cocomarieschneider@gmail.com A portrait of Spanish sculptor Xavier Corbero, made right before his death in 2017.