We look around: From where?
Waving fields, flourishing corn.
Children with moon boots riding on a cow.
Duplex houses as far as the eye can see.
Paradise must be here.
God having a BBQ in the neighbourhood.
Where do you go after church?

Thursday, April 20th, 2023, 20:00
Friday, April 21th, 2023, 18:00

Volja Bozija / God's Will

Tanja Brzakovic Germany, Serbia, 2020 19:58 min, Fiction Film, Colour Serbian, engl. subt. filmkraftwerk@hotmail.com tanjabrzakovic.de A small road trip and a difficult decision-making process of four shrewish convent sisters, obviously inexperienced in real life matters.

Cell 364

Mathilde Babo, Zoé Rossion France, Germany, 2020 4:17 min, Documentary Film, Colour German, engl. subt. festival@salaudmorisset.com salaudmorisset.com A visit to the former Stasi prison, where 25-year-old Hans-Jochen Scheidler was held in a single cell in August 1968. He tells about this time himself.

Pies y Corazones / Feet & Hearts

Adán Aliaga Spain, 2020 18:47 min, Fiction Film, Colour Catalan, Spanish, engl. subt. fest@marvinwayne.com marvinwayne.com Lola just about gets by with walking Marisa's dog. When this is no longer needed, her unstable survival construct begins to crumble.

Le Temps des Cerises / The Time of Cherries

Arthur Jeanroy France, 2020 8:40 min, Fiction Film, Colour French, engl. subt. ajeanroy.pro@gmail.com www.lesfilmsdugorille.com Robert wants to photograph his girlfriend Madeleine in the garden. But there are disagreements between model and photographer. And then the old neighbor comes too.

Song Sparrow

Farzaneh Omidvarnia Denmark, Iran, 2019 11:43 min, Animation Film, Colour no dialogue omidvarnia.farzaneh@gmail.com omidvarnia.com Puppet film about a group of refugees who are to be smuggled across the border in a frige truck.

Wuqiao Circus

Lukas Berger Germany, Portugal, Austria, China, 2020 14:14 min, Documentary Film, Colour Chinese Mandarin, engl. subt. lukasbergerfilm@gmail.com filmesdogajo.pt/wuqiao_circus_en Scenes from the Chinese Spring Festival: living and working at the fair and in the circus ring.

Der übers Meer kam

Jonas Riemer Germany, 2020 11:00 min, Animation Film, Colour German, engl. subt. mail@jonasriemer.de www.jonasriemer.de A succinct report of a GDR escape and FRG arrival as an animated film. The protagonist obviously has his own opinion about refugees.