Helden wie wir

We look around: Looking at whom?
Be brave, always.
That's the trick;
nothing else is of help.
And if it does the trick say:
I knew it.
We are Pope, we are Angie,
we are heroes.

Thursday, April 20th, 2023, 22:00
Friday, April 21th, 2023, 20:00


Michael Schwarz Germany, 2020 16:39 min, Documentary Film, Colour German, engl. subt. schwarz@nachtschwaermerfilm.de nachtschwaermerfilm.de During the Corona lockdown in 2020, homeless people are housed in isolation from each other in a hotel because of the threat of infection. We get to know three of them.

Su Rider / Your Rider

Alberto Utrera Spain, 2020 12:33 min, Fiction Film, Colour Spanish, engl. subt. hola@mms-distribuciondecortometrajes.es mms-distribuciondecortometrajes.es/catalogo/su_rider.asp April has her dinner brought by the bicycle messenger. "May I use your bathroom for a moment?" ...


Greta Benkelmann Germany, 2019 14:24 min, Fiction Film, Colour German, engl. subt. p.barkhausen@hamburgmediaschool.com hamburgmediaschool.com Theo has dementia. While he is busy dying in a self-determined way, life and friends throw a wrench in his plans.

Wir sind gut

Manuel Boskamp Germany, 2020 10:30 min, Documentary Film, Colour German, engl. subt. mail@manuelboskamp.de manuelboskamp.de A dance teacher and 25 vocational students. About the fascination of dancing, about emancipation, devotion and respect - about the dream of a tolerant community.

Sin Filtro / No Filter

Manu Montejo Spain, 2020 3:40 min, Fiction Film, Colour Spanish, engl. subt. info@selectedfilms.com selectedfilms.com Perfect! At the right time at the right place and - important! - cell phone recording started!

The Master of Disguise

Adina Bairakimova Kasachstan, 2020 10:28 min, Documentary Film, Colour Russian, engl. subt. adina.b1998@gmail.com In Cosplay one portrays a character from a manga, anime, comic, video game, etc. as closely as possible to the original through costume, mask, accessories and behavior.

El Tratamiento / The Treatment

Álvaro Carmona Spain, 2019 8:58 min, Fiction Film, Colour Spanish, engl. subt. info@lineupshorts.com lineupshorts.com/el-tratamiento In a clinic, a therapy is offered to restore the main hair: Take a tablet, done. And an insignificant, maybe puzzling, side effect.

Ein Ozean

Paul Scheufler Germany, 2020 18:50 min, Documentary Film, Colour German, engl. subt. c.marx@filmuniversitaet.de filmuniversitaet.de The tremor starts in the back of his neck as Markus gets closer to the images that have haunted him for 49 years. Now he steers his motor home south, as far away from his past as possible.