Helden wie wir

Turning round: Looking at whom?
Be brave, always.
That's the trick;
nothing else is of help.
And if it does the trick say:
I knew it.
We are Pope, we are Angie,
we are heroes.

Thursday, March 08th, 2018, 22:00
Friday, March 09th, 2018, 20:00


Linda Dombrovszky Hungary, 2017 18 min, fiction film, colour Hungarian, engl. subt. mariagrazia@augohr.de The old man is being retired. But his lifework is not finished yet!


Julia Ocker Germany, 2017 3 min, animation film, colour no dialogue studio@filmbilder.de www.filmbilder.de The penguin-waiter is going to all length to make the penguin-party a perfect one.


Otto Reuschel Germany, Italy, 2017 11 min, documentary film, colour Arabic, engl. subt. mariagrazia@augohr.de The portrait of some adolescents in Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Morocco.

Gespräche mit Günter Gelb

Leonardo Re, Matthias Schuart Germany, 2016 5 min, fiction film, black and white German, engl. subt. mail@leonardo.re www.g-gelb.de Television in 1962. In Günther Gelb is not always pleased about what happens in his talkshow.

In Ayahs Augen

David Wagner Germany, 2016 19 min, fiction film, colour German, Arabic, engl. subt. p.barkhausen@hamburgmediaschool.com www.hamburgmediaschool.com After two years in Syria Emin is back in Germany, and his wife has a hard decision to make.

Der Treppenläufer

Anna Verena Müller, Simon Rupieper Germany, 2017 9 min, documentary film, colour German, engl. subt. mueller.annaverena@gmail.com 18 stairs in his garden are Görge Heimann's training ground for international stair runs. His next target: the world's longest stairs.

16 Semanas

Carlota Coronado Spain, 2017 5 min, fiction film, colour Spanish, engl. subt. info@offecam.com She has the best references for the Job. But a problem, too.

Renta Antigua

Vicente Barella Spain, 2017 16 min, fiction film, colour Spanish, engl. subt. administracion@movemyshort.es www.movemyshort.es Spanish gentrification: Señora Carmen is the last tenant of the building with an old lease. But the landlord won't get rid of her silently.