Liebe & andere Grausamkeiten

Looking back: For what?
I am twelve,
I listen to rock music,
and – eventually –
I'm also longing for
a better world,
where everything is going to be alright.
Like everybody does.

Friday, March 09th, 2018, 22:00
Saturday, March 10th, 2018, 18:00

La Vie Sauvage

Laure Bourdon Zarader France, 2017 14 min, fiction film, colour French, engl. subt. Arnaud and Nora had a well-ordered schedule for the weekend: a tour in a wildlife park, sex, nap and dinner.


Rodrigo Sorogoyen Spain, 2017 18 min, fiction film, colour Spanish, engl. subt. Being a mother means to care for your child. Whether it's an adult daughter or little Iván who is out on a trip with his father. Not for the faint-hearted.

Night Spinning

Yi Luo Germany, 2017 5 min, animation film, black and white no dialogue, A little story about falling in love. And what it does to you.

Löwe am Montag

Leni Wesselman Germany, 2015 6 min, fiction film, colour German, engl. subt. Doesn't every couple enjoy looking back on its first date?

Written / Unwritten

Adrian Silisteanu Romania, 2016 20 min, fiction film, colour Romanian, Romani, engl. subt. A child has just been born and disputes about formalities nearly tears a family apart.

Remue-Meninges / Brainstorm

Christophe Clin Belgium, 2017 6 min, fiction film, colour French, engl. subt. What happens in our heads when we are about to meet someone in the park?


Pascal Reinmann Switzerland, 2016 16 min, fiction film, colour Swiss German, engl. subt. Pubescent boys at a swimming pool: mutually competing, asserting oneself. A balancing act between fun and earnest.