Trash & Sonderbares

We look around: What happens?
Trash, rubbish,
even hazardous waste.
Garbage separation included.
Do not forget
to put the yellow bag
on the street on Tuesday
and to water the organic waste.
Keep on rockin’!

Saturday, April 22th, 2023, 22:00
Sunday, April 23th, 2023, 17:00


Matthias Wissmann German, 2020 5:50 min, Mockumentary, Colour German Auditory sound production and performative dance in nature: art and artist overcome crises and become one.

Gretchen - Die Tragödie

Michael Junghanns Germany, 2020 10:19 min, Fiction Film, Colour no dialogue Goethe's Gretchen, imprisoned in an insane asylum, describes her path from a girl in love to a murderess - possessed by the devil.

ПОМАДА / Lipstick

Svetlana Yashina Russia, 2019 1:19 min, Fiction Film, Colour no dialogue Woman and alcohol: that can't go well...

Jedem Seins, Amigo!

Daniel Popat Germany, 2020 5:00 min, Experimental Film, Colour German, engl. subt. Beauty tips and Ayurveda was yesterday. Today, Ronja is going political.


Andrey Ivanov Russia, 2020 6:38 min, Fiction Film, Colour Russian, engl. subt. Saint-Petersburg. By now a classic porn scene: man approaches woman on the street, has money, wants naked skin... Rather shocking ending.

Kor Məhəbbət

Fuad Tofikoglu Azerbaijan, 2020 18:22 min, Fiction Film, Colour Azerbaijani, engl. subt. Soap opera in Azerbaijani: at its best!

Arg irre

Carsten Knoop, Dorit Kiesewetter Germany, 2020 3:14 min, Fiction Film, Colour German, engl. subt. On Christmas Day of 1560, we reached the last pass of the Andes Mountains and looked down into the jungle for the first time. In the morning I read mass, then we descended through the clouds.


Sasha Paracels Russia, 2019 7:00 min, Fiction Film, Colour Russian, engl. subt. Chained to a pipe in a dark room, a young woman must free herself and uncover the obscure secret of her captivity.


Anna Wagner Germany, 2020 6:35 min, Fiction Film, Colour German, engl. subt. Clara has her own unique way of dealing with one-night stands. Ties seem to play a big part.

Enter the Beardman

Roman Safarov Russia, 2020 9:42 min, Fiction Film, Colour Russian, engl. subt. The bearded karate fighter Chuck and his student Tam-Tam meet the terrible Cat Spirit of Wool in the barbershop. They must prevent him from enslaving or even destroying humanity.