Trash & Sonderbares

Turning around: Why not?
Trash, rubbish,
even hazardous waste.
Garbage separation included.
Do not forget
to put the yellow bag
on the street on Tuesday
and to water the organic waste.
Keep on rockin’!

Saturday, March 09th, 2019, 22:00
Sunday, March 10th, 2019, 17:00

The Saw (Trash Night 2011)

Christian Freund Germany, 2010 6:08 min, fiction film, color German The story of a man and his circular saw. Epic fight between man and machine!

Das Haus Nummer 13 (Trash Night 2016)

Rolf Höhne Germany, 2015 10:31 min, fiction film, color German Strange things happen in house number 13. Excessively scary movie.

Wandteller des Hungers (Trash Night 2010)

3 Rooosen Germany, 2010 3:27 min, fiction/documentary film, color German "The only image-singer worldwide who also offers a seminar ""From artist to hobby artist."""

Hopfenland (Trash Night 2009)

Thomas Huber Germany, 2008 19:52 min, fiction film, color German Bavaria: a cosmopolitan businessman makes a good offer to a stubborn farmer for his brewery. He falls in love with the man’s daughter, but now has to cope with her rifle-loving fiancé.

Decapoda Shock (Trash Night 2012)

Javier Chillon Spain, 2011 9:19 min, fiction film, color Spanish, Engl. SUB Returning back to earth after having experienced a mysterious accident on a distant planet an astronaut manfully meets his fate.

Genmanipuliertes Essen und Atomreaktorexplosion

Robert M. Hennefarth Germany, 2018 5:00 min, experimental film, color German At the heart of the current and urgent political issues.

Insert:Disk (Trash Night 2013)

Thomas Maslowsk Germany, 2013 18:20 min, fiction film, color German Watch out! Beware of unknown floppy disks.

My Apologies (Trash Night 2011)

Andreas Goldfuss Canada, 2009 0:06 min, experimental film, color English A filmmaker apologizes for his film.

Bestia Animalis (Trash Night 2013)

Johannes Deutsch Germany, 2012 15:29 min, fiction film, color German, Engl. SUB Behind a bamboo curtain an Asian dictator is cooking up an evil plan. Will he succeed in erasing mankind?

Kanu Joe (Trash Night 2011)

Martin Chramosta Switzerland, 2010 5:06 min, fiction film, color German, English Singer Jackie Steinadler searches for his friend Joe. Breathtaking landscapes. Deep emotions. Beautiful music.